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  • DESCRIPTION  A general purpose, forced action industrial mixer. The machine is very robustly built and comes complete with its own electric motor driven reduction drive giving up to a huge 2685 Nm. of mixing torque.
  • APPLICATION The F.A.MIX 250 has a proven mixing ability across a wide range of material types including but not limited to screed, pre-cast, refractory, limecrete, hempcrete, wall and floor tiles and recycling mixes including those with plastic or rubber content. We are confident of our mixers ability and would welcome the opportunity to test mix your particular requirement.
  • CAPACITY The nominal capacity of the F.A.MIX 250 is 250 litres ( 1/4 cube) . This assured capacity is conservative and is based around an industrial application where quality fast mixes are required for prolonged periods. The machine’s mixing capacity for lighter materials could be appreciably higher.
  • LONGEVITY As a company, we would be disappointed if a F.A.MIX 250 had a working life shorter than ten years.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS A wide range of extras are available for the F.A.MIX 250 to aid usability and increase your profitability. These include: 1) Bespoke and hardened blades. 2) A range of loading and discharging accessories. 3) Loading and viewing platforms. 4) Split, flat and opening lids.
  • SUSTAINABILITY The F.A.MIX 250 mixer is, of course, available as a wholly new machine. A new F.A.MIX 250 is in itself a high sustainable machine as it is readily repairable during its usable lifetime and when worn out, its steel, copper and cast iron components constitute valuable and safe recyclable commodities. A further option is to use the none wearing parts from our large stock of used machines as the basis to build factory reconditioned F.A.MIX 250  mixers, which are doubly sustainable and economical. Our factory reconditioned mixers are differentiated by having green signage.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd. can supply a kit of parts enabling the F.A.MIX 250 to be converted into our renowned Rolpanit, roller pan mixer, the premier mixer for lime mortars, lime plasters etc. The ability to swap the mixing parts backwards and forwards effectively gives you two types of mixer in one.

The F.A.MIX 250 is designed and manufactured in England.

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Liner Roller Pan & High shear mixers shipped to belgium for use in new product development

Liner FE220 roller pan mixer, HS125VS High shear Mixer & Loadveyor leave the factory for Belgium to be used in new product development

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York College choose Liner Equipment for their New Construction Workshop

The FE220 & Loadveyor have worked hard for 11 years without a major breakdown and with our well known service backup we will make sure the new machines achieve ​a similar or even better performance!

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Our first refractory mixer delivered to Co Durham!

We were delighted to sell our first Refractory Mixer to Dyson Technical Ceramics for their factory in Co Durham.​

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Forced Action Mixer Lid Conversion

All  components are standard and all wearing parts are easily replaceable.  Servicing the top end of the machine is easy, quick and parts are readily available from our parts department. Keeping your company’s down time to a minimum.

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